Forex Open Position Ratios

This is for general information purposes only and should not be treated as trading or investment advice!

Last Update:

The graphs show the ratio of Long (green) vs. Short (red) open positions for each of the Forex major currency pairs, updated approximately every half an hour, 24/7. Ratios could be interpreted as a Sentiment Indicator for traders to predict possible market reversals.

How To Interpret These Graphs

Given that these are broker-specific indicators, ratios that are close to the 50% level could be said to be pretty inconclusive in terms of general market sentiment, as there is an implied margin for error when taking such a small sample of the total market. However, ratios that are much bigger or smaller – such as over 60% or less than 40% – could be said to be a fairly useful indicator of how the market is feeling about a currency pair.

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